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If you wash your car by hand without understanding the method and procedure, you may not be able to expect the effect, such as scratching the body surface or not being able to remove the dirt sufficiently.

We first wash with pure water while auto hand washing.

 Whether hand-washing or car-washing, the first thing you should do in a car wash is to wash the entire body with a vigorous stream of water.

This is a necessary step to wash away the hard components of sand and dust on the surface.

If you rub the surface with a sponge or cloth while sand or dust is attached to the surface of the body, the sand or dust will look like a file and damage the surface of the body.

Where do we wash from? Car wash order from top to bottom

  • Rinse the entire car with a hose
  • Roof, body
  • Window glass
  • Bonnet
  • Trunk
  • Side
  • Bumper
  • Tires / Wheels

Car cleaning.

Car wash is indispensable to use your car cleanly for a long time.

We hand wash and clean every corner of your car by a skilled professional. Since the car is washed while checking the condition of the car’s paint, dirt, coating, etc. with the human eye, it can be removed without damaging it according to the condition of your car. The mouton pad used is made of 100% wool, and because it has reverse hair, it wraps the dirt that has been wiped off and prevents dirt such as chemical fibres that are peeled off by the pad from reattaching to the car. If it attaches, it may cause scratches, so it’s nice to be able to prevent this. This mouton pad wipes off the dirt that has floated with a large number of fine bubbles of high-foaming detergent.

The car wash process is as follows.

Hand Washing

  • Pre-wash to clean the car
  • Float car dirt with foam shampoo
  • Wipe off dirt with hand wash
  • Rinse bubbles and dirt with water
  • Wipe cleanly to every corner
  • Drop the water with an air gun etc.
  • Apply tire wax
  • Since this process can be completed in a short time of about 13 minutes, it is possible to minimize the waiting time for car washing. In addition, including this process, we will proceed from the order as follows.
  • Reception
  • Safety check
  • Car wash
  • Accounting
  • By undergoing a safety check after the reception, you can check the condition and safety of the entire car, including the body, engine and brakes. There are no other extra steps, and it is possible to finish the car wash smoothly.

Machine car wash

  • Of course, you can also wash your car using a car wash machine. It takes about 10 minutes, which is a very short time, so it is suitable for when you are in a hurry. The menu of a machine car wash is as follows.
  • Wash with water
  • Shampoo
  • Wax
  • Water-repellent
  • G protect
  • Venus guard I think some people may not understand water repellency, G protects, and Venus guard, so I will supplement it. Water repellency is a car wash using a water repellent shampoo. G-Protect has a water-repellent effect and a mirror polymer effect and is also effective against ultraviolet rays and acid rain. In addition, Venus Guard has a thick film that maintains its luster and water repellency for a long period of time.
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