Car Cleaning Wax

Everything You Need to Know About Car Cleaning Wax

Car cleaning wax is a must-have product that can help you keep your car clean and protect its paintwork. But what exactly it is? Why it is so important, and why you are supposed to use it? To find out these details, here is a short guide.

What Car Wax is?

The starting point would be to look at what exactly car wax is. Actually, it is a wax that can encompass a variety of materials. It is a hard hydrocarbon when kept at room temperature. It can be made from a natural source like carnauba, which is made from a wax found on the carnauba plant leaves, or it can be a palm wax. Some waxes are also present in hydrocarbons such as coal, or there are synthetic ones made from silicones.

Since it is hard to spread a hard material on a car, some oils or solvents may be added to it to make it more malleable. Different kinds of waxes can be present in a single car cleaning wax, and it may also have varying solvents and oils.

How Car Wax Works?

The primary purpose of car wax is to provide protection. In a way, it creates a barrier between your car’s paint and elements like air, water, and UV rays. Rainwater and water spray from the road surface are laden with all types of pollutants that can easily damage your paintwork. Wax makes your car’s bodywork waterproof so that water can quickly runoff.

Other than that, wax also makes it harder for water and air to deposit dirt and grime over your car’s body, which means you don’t need to wash your car so frequently and intensively. This means there is reduced contact with your paintwork, thereby prolonging its life.

On top of all, when you apply car cleaning wax on your car, it gets a nice sheen that enhances its color, removes all blemishes, and fills all micro scratches. In a way, you get an all-new surface for your car.

How Often to Use Wax?

Ideally, you must apply wax on your car’s body at least thrice a year, depending on the type of driving you do. As a general rule of thumb, the car wax should go on your car after all the washing and polishing jobs of your vehicle. Wax the car in the end to seal and protect your polish. If you use a shampoo wash or snow-foam treatment to clean your car, it should be good enough to not strip away the wax layer from your car’s body.

How Car Wax is Applied?

Take a small amount of wax and apply it to your car’s body in small, uniform circles. Do not slap it too much, nor be too stingy. Leave it for half an hour and then buff off using a microfiber cloth.

Car wax makes washing easier, protects your paintwork, and gives extra shine to your car. So, it is something you should not miss for your car care. It’s not expensive and does not need to be applied that often. So, why are you not using it yet? Buck up and get one now.

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