I want to wash my car hard to remove dirt and make my car completely shiny for a long time. In order to keep the car clean for a long time, it is common to protect the surface with wax, and the body that has been carefully waxed gives off a luster that reflects the surroundings.

However, it seems that many people find waxing laborious and troublesome, and waxing has poor durability and is easy to remove. The chemically synthesized coating agent has excellent workability and durability, but it does not have the deep luster of wax. Here’s how to protect your car in a beautiful state.

A long and beautiful figure! We provide coatings that fit your budget.

Professional car wash and coating is recommended to avoid the risk of small scratches and finish beautifully! We will work politely and quickly to keep your car beautiful forever.

Self-washing and waxing flow

For those who keep their car beautiful by self-washing, after washing off the attached mud and accumulated dust that cause small scratches on the body, wash the car while changing the water in the car wash bucket many times from under the body. After washing the car, wipe off the water droplets on the body, apply wax, and polish it.

The points of self-washing are to thoroughly wash away mud and dust before washing with strong shower-like running water, prepare at least two sponges for the lower part and one for the body, and make sure to use car shampoo. It is to wash away and quickly spout water droplets on the body after washing the car.

Waxing is indispensable for a beautiful finish, but waxing is not just a matter of smearing and wiping. Still, there are methods of applying and spraying to make the finish beautiful, so waxing requires a surprising amount of skill. ..

In the daytime when the temperature of the body is high or under the scorching sun, car-washing and waxing in the rain or wind can not be expected to have a beautiful finish with only labour, and when waxing it is like drawing a small circle. If you apply and wipe it off, uneven coating and uneven wiping will occur, and the finish will not be beautiful.

Waxing is a tough surface protection method that requires a lot of labor and high technical skills, such as once waxing, the old wax must be removed entirely in the next car wash, and if it is not removed, the color of the paint will look dull. It can be said.

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