If you want to make the painting last longer, is car wash good enough?

When you see a car that has become shiny after washing, you can feel that you care about the car and feel better. However, it is also true that car washing and waxing are dangerous activities that can adversely affect the painting of the car body.

In the point of self-washing, I mentioned that mud and accumulated dust adhering to the body should be thoroughly washed away before car washing. Still, if a small amount of mud or sand remains even if you intend to wash it off, car wash is sandpaper. It will be the same as stroking the body with.

You may inadvertently drop the sponge while washing the car, but the sponge that lands on it can no longer be used for car washing because fine sand that cannot be seen adheres to it. If you use the dropped sponge, it may damage the body and cause the paint to come off.

Car shampoo, which is indispensable for car washing, does remove dirt, but it is clearly stated in the instruction manual that it should be washed off after use. While the surfactant contained in it exerts strong detergency, it is thought that if it remains on the body, it may damage the paint.

Car Wax

Wax service for your car

The wax that gives a beautiful lustre after processing is oil-based, but oil is a component that easily affects body painting using oil-based paint. Commercially available scratch-eliminating wax is polished with a compound that contains it, and it is painted with small scratches. It has a bad effect on painting because it erases scratches by peeling off.

Car wash and wax are thought to be for car care, but in the end, they are not really good for car painting. However, it is effective to wash away mud stains and bird droppings that contain water and cause rust, as it also has the effect of prolonging the painting.

In addition, it can be said that car washing and waxing have both merits and demerits because there are many cases in which a vehicle malfunction or breakdown is detected early during car washing.

After washing the car, it is also effective to clean it with a coating agent.

If you protect the surface with wax, you can get a deep luster and high water repellency, but the labor of processing work is large, it takes skill to apply it evenly and wipe it off, and it is durable. The number of people who use coating agents is increasing because they cannot expect sex.

Wax is mainly composed of oily components, and it is said that the higher the content of natural carbanar wax, the higher the quality. Since it is solid, waxing requires labor and skill, but it tends not to last long.

The coating agent is a chemical that is chemically treated with highly water-repellent fluorine, Teflon, etc. Recently, those containing glass-based components such as silicon-based components have become widespread. It is characterized by water repellency that exceeds the water repellency of wax, and on the treated surface, the repelled water droplets become polka dots and roll around.

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