Diligent maintenance is essential to make your car last longer. If you take good care of it diligently, it will continue to be in good condition, and you will be able to maintain a clean car body that is not easily soiled.

We a car washing service that consists of professional car-polishing craftsman who has the highest quality detailing and high-quality detailing.

From BMW, Lexus, Benz to mini cars, it seems that other stores refused to come to domestic cars, small machines, etc. without making new cars or escapes. We provide service for kinds of automobiles.

What is the best weather for a car wash? Is the reason?

Ideally, it’s a cool, cloudy day with no wind. Check your weather here!

The reason is that on a windy day, the washed body gets dust and sand blown by the wind, and if you apply wax or coating agent on it, it will be scratched.

In addition, the body is hot under the scorching sun in midsummer, and the detergent foam when washing the car dries quickly and becomes stains. We provide complete auto detailing services.

These stains are not only prone to unevenness when applying wax or coatings, but can also cause water spots and ion deposits. Through our auto detailing services, you can get all these worries off your head. 

It’s best to wash your car when the body isn’t heated by strong sunlight. Be aware of the time of day when you wash your car.

Car Detail


We take care of even the small parts of your care and clean each and everything with special care. We use only the equipment and products that you approve of.

The car cleaner can accurately clean only the target area. Therefore, the narrow gaps in the sheet and the small sand around your feet can be pinpointed and cleaned. It’s a difficult point to wipe, so it’s still convenient. We even clean your seat belts as they are dirty with hand stains.

Complete Car Detail Wherever, WheneverCAR DETAIL AND WAX
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