A full car cleaning service includes many processes that your car goes through before coming out and looking brand new. Numerous professionals use these steps to ensure your vehicle matches an authentic full car cleaning service’s quality and standards. So, without further ado, let’s jump into these steps.


Washing the vehicle by two bucket method to avoid any scratches on the car paint. Stripping off old wax and detailing the engine compartment, if needed.


There are two methods to dry a car:

  • Using a blower, drying the car to avoid any swirls or scratches.
  • Using two microfiber towels. One for drying and the other to wipe off the residue.


Claying the headlights, taillights, and windows by a clean and new clay bar for quick detailing.


Wiping the clay section to remove any leftover. Here, some professionals use post-clay spirits to clean the paint further, and some like to rewash the car.


Deciding on if the paint of the car needs correction. Here, professional detailing and ceramic coating auto detailing on the vehicle’s exterior can also occur (depending on your requirements), which helps to restore the new look of the car. 


Polishing the correct on the exterior paint.


Applying ceramic coating auto detailing or wax to the exterior paint of the car for protection.

Cleaning the Inside

Vacuuming and shampooing the carpet while waiting for the wax or sealant to cure. Again, at this stage, you can add professional detailing for more thorough cleaning of the interior.

Fabric Treatment

Applying stain guard and fabric treatment (preferably leather treatment) for an enhanced appearance and protection.

Wheels Cleaning

Removing and cleaning the wheels from the inside out and using clay to prep the inside. Applying a sealant to let them stay clean longer.

Glass and Details

Using non-abrasive sealant for glass and glowing hard plastics to protect from UV rays and make the surface slick. Paying attention to minor details like cleaning and claying door jambs, hood, trunk, and applying sealant.

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