At CSAutospaFL, some of our services include full car cleaning service, professional detailing, and ceramic coating auto detailing to satisfy our customers. You can also check our other services based on your needs and budget.

There is a slight difference between a car wash and professional detailing. While both include washing the exterior and the Interior, professional detailing focuses more on the interior car. A full car cleaning service consists of removing dust, grime, and salt on the outside while cleaning and vacuuming the carpets and seats inside.

What Includes a Professional Detailing Service?

Every detailer has his way and different detailing steps, but here’s what the best detailers do.

Interior Cleaning

The Interior is the more neglected part of a car, so your detailer will focus more on its cleaning. A combination of different tools is used to give a deep clean to the vehicle. Unlike a full car cleaning service, a professional detailing service includes:

  • Deeply vacuuming the carpets, seats, glove compartment, and trunk, and every other place that needs vacuuming in the car.
  • Thorough scrubbing and brushing on the carpets, upholstery, and mats. Contrary to a car wash, professional detailing removes all the stains, marks, and other imperfections.
  • Thoroughly wiping down every surface in the vehicle (windows, door panels included) using a unique material or wax to leave a shiny surface.
  • Applying spray on the inside to keep the interior refreshing.

Exterior Cleaning

The exterior is essential to maintain that elegant or classy look of your vehicle. In the exterior cleaning, you can also ask your detailer for a ceramic coating auto detailing instead of waxing the paint to retain that car’s shiny new look. Here’s what gets cleaned outside:

  • Washing the exterior by high-power wash spray, drying it, and then soaping it by using a mild soap.
  • Removing any wax swirls or overspray with a clay bar.
  • Polishing the exterior after the wax or ceramic coating auto detailing (if you desire) by polishing the surface thoroughly.
  • Applying a synthetic sealant to give a glossy finish to your vehicle. Some deluxe professional detailing may include ceramic coating auto detailing or surface wax, but only a handful of detailers provide such packages.
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